Someone from Detective Inspector John Steadman’s past hated (or feared him) enough to hire professional killers to murder him and his wife. The hit was carried out with ruthless efficiency, except for one detail…

The bullet that smashed into Steadman’s skull left him blind, but still alive – and still equipped with one of the finest minds in the force


While painfully attempting to come to terms with the loss of his wife and his own blindness, DI John Steadman is asked to assist his police colleagues as they investigate the murder of a dentist’s wife. But one death leads to another…
Is there any connection between the murders and a series of local break-ins?
And can DI Steadman survive further attempts on his own life …?

Anger surged up inside him. Here he was, trying to work out who had killed a greedy, deceitful and by all accounts thoroughly unpleasant woman, while out there, somewhere, was a man who had killed the most innocent and kindest of creatures on God’s earth and robbed him of his sight …

While Steadman achieves local fame as “The Blind Detective”, the cold-blooded murderer who killed his wife and blinded him, continues to pursue him. Steadman is all the more vulnerable now. He is haunted by chilling nightmares and the strangely and a voice – a voice he is sure he’s heard before.

It was the same silky voice, familiar but unnameable …‘Time for a little sleep.’ Steadman smelt the sickly stench of the chloroform just before the wadding was placed tightly over his mouth and nose. Now he was struggling, trying hard not to breathe. His efforts were futile.

ISBN: 978 1 86151 130 0

Paperback 408 pages RRP: £12.99 May 2014

Published by Mereo Books and available from the following outlets:


Have I got a case for you! You’ll love this one – both hands screwed to the desk and a copper wire neatly threaded through his neck holding his head on to the back of the chair… Someone had squirted whisky into both lungs. Filled the buggers almost to the top. But, and here’s the rub, it was done after he was dead…

When a prominent but unpopular theatre critic is found murdered at his desk in a peculiarly grotesque fashion, John Steadman, the blind former detective, hardly knows where to start his investigation.

But then an elderly spinster meets a similarly bizarre fate, and soon a market trader dies in an equally peculiar way. What links the three murders, and why would the victims be desecrated in such a peculiar manner? And who is out to harm Steadman and his devoted new guide dog?
Second Sight is a fast-paced, intriguing new crime thriller liberally peppered with enticing clues and tantalising twists. It will keep the reader on the edge of their seat until the very last page.

Written by a medical doctor, the forensic details in this novel make this tale of murder all the more compelling.

ISBN: 978 1 86151 721 0

Paperback 452 pages RRP: £12.99 8 May 2017

Published by Mereo Books and available from the following outlets:

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