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Blind Pursuit

Someone robbed DCI John Steadman of his sight and his wife – but they could not kill his courage

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Second Sight

When a prominent but unpopular theatre critic is found murdered at his desk in a peculiarly grotesque fashion, John Steadman, the blind former detective, hardly knows where to start his investigation.

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Double Vision

A challenging case for John Steadman of brutal murder, drugs, gambling and false identity.

New Release 

When the body of a young man is washed up on the beach in the quiet coastal town of Helmsmouth, blind ex-detective John Steadman has a brutal murder case to solve.

When another murder victim is found in the same place, the crime turns into a challenging case of false identity. And then a third body is found, locked inside a freezer in an abandoned warehouse… Steadman knows the murders must somehow be connected to each other, and possibly to the seedy underworld of organised crime, but is someone else working behind the scenes to stop him unravelling the case?

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