Jake Buchans first book Blind Pursuit

Blind Pursuit

Jake Buchans second book Second Sight

Second Sight 



I found this book hard to put down. The characters are well developed and realistic. The storyline interesting and stays with you long after reading . Await a sequel with great interest.

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The second book is just as gripping as the first and invites an all nighter. The characterisation of the detective John and his dog are very realistic and give great insight into the problems faced by a man losing his sight in traumatic circumstances and the benefits of having a dog . The setting and people are so vivid that you feel you know them. A beautifully written novel with great descriptions and witty dialogue. There must be a sequel soon.

A very intriguing story...the author has created a multi layered story arc but at no time does it become confusing.
Excellent characters, good development throughout the story.
Great read!

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John (‘Jake’) Buchan was born and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1981, he moved to Mid Wales, where he worked as a GP and then as a hospital doctor (specialising in dermatology & age care). Married, with three grown-up children, he lives in Rhayader, Powys with his wife and, until March 2016, Robbie, a retired guide dog.

As well as numerous medical papers and a textbook, John Buchan is also the author of a short story, Lydia’s Parrot, which appeared in The Magic Bullet anthology (1999).



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"Anger surged up inside him. Here he was, trying to work out who had killed a greedy, deceitful and by all accounts thoroughly unpleasant woman, while out there, somewhere, was a man who had killed the most innocent and kindest of creatures on God’s earth and robbed him of his sight"  …





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