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‘Blind Pursuit’, my first novel, introducing DI John Steadman as the blind detective, has been well received since its publication in 2014.

The next novel in the series, ‘Second Sight’ was released this month. It is an altogether darker tale. DI Steadman is brought in to assist in the investigation of a particularly bizarre murder, but the killer strikes again… and again. Still struggling to come to terms with his blindness, DI Steadman must use all his detective skills and ingenuity to solve the mystery if he is to prevent further tragedy.

Although I lost Robbie, my retired guide dog during the writing of ‘Second Sight,’ DI Steadman acquires his own dog – no prizes for guessing the name!

In ‘Second Sight’ you will meet several of the characters from ‘Blind Pursuit’, including the ebullient Dr Frank Rufus (Home Office pathologist) and DS Munro – the rugby- playing Scot, who blushes at the slightest provocation, as well as meeting new characters such as Tim Warrender, a boy at an awkward age, who walks Steadman’s dog for him.

Book three is started. I know how it begins and how it will end. All I have to do is navigate the tortuous path in between…

If you have not read ‘Blind Pursuit’ or ‘Second Sight’ yet, I do hope you enjoy them. If you have read and would like to comment, ask a question or are interested in developing the stories (as a drama, for example), please get in touch.


John (‘Jake’) Buchan

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