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March 2018

A new website at last! (Grateful thanks to Sam and Dave at Mogwai Media).

Blind Pursuit and Second Sight continue to sell and judging by the feedback and reviews both have met with favourable responses. Numerous people have asked if a third blind detective novel is anticipated. The answer is yes! The first three chapters are written and the next three are drafted (so far only in my head) as is the last chapter, even the last line! I know some of the characters that DI Steadman will meet on his journey and, as happened while writing the other two novels, new ones will undoubtedly appear as I write. I hope to have a first draft completed within the year and will update the website as work progresses.

Several of you have commented that the books would make good television. If anyone wants to pursue this idea or have contacts who may be interested, please drop me an email.


Jake Buchan

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